Central Heating

Central Heating

As energy costs rise and natural resources become increasingly scarce, we are looking for products which limit our impact on the environment, whilst saving money at the same time. We take pride in being committed to reducing your carbon Footprint.

Due to the energy saving low carbon technologies and appliances available today, we can offer and guide you through ways to improve your energy efficiency through the options of product selection, types of systems and fuels available to ensure that what we install is tailored for your property, lifestyle and most of all will cut your cost of living.

You can save over a third on your annual gas bill simply by upgrading to an ‘A’ rated boiler. All the products and appliances we install are manufactured by leading nationally recognised brand names, such as Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Glowworm and Valliant and that they comply with the current British Safety Standards. Based in Bedford, we cover Bedford, Cambridge, St Neots, Huntingdon, Ampthill, Milton Keynes, Olney, Hitchen, Stevenage and North London.

Power flushing

With an older central heating system, a system that has been neglected or poorly maintained, corrosion deposits can lead to a substantial reduction in the overall effectiveness of the system, especially the radiators – up to 20%. Using effective recommended chemical inhibitors can prevent the build-up of sludge and scale and decrease the corrosion rate helping to maintain the systems efficiency. However if the system is in really bad health, progressive build-up of sludge will prevent the hot water from circulating adequately and results in radiators only feeling hot at the top and outer edges at best. In these circumstances the only real cure for this is a central heating power flush.

What is a Power flush?

A central heating power flush is a simple cleaning procedure, that if carried out properly by a professional heating engineer, will thoroughly clean a central heating system and remove any sludge build-up especially within radiators. This is carried out by one of two ways, either by connecting the power flush apparatus to a central heating circulatory pump or to a radiator. The process is to circulate the existing water within the system at a high flow rate (not a higher water pressure) for several hours. Adding cleaning chemicals and in some instances the use of a magnet to help aid the cleaning process, then once the engineers is happy that the sludge has been removed, an inhibitor is introduced to the system that stays within the system and will help prevent any future build-up of corrosion. Hot water will now be able to circulate maximizing the heat output and the overall system efficiency, thus saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Our Bedford Heating Services include:

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  • Central heating system design, installation and alteration
  • Boiler Upgrades, installation and repairs
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  • Annual Boiler services
  • Power flushing
  • Planned maintenance
  • Emergency call outs 12 month guarantee on all parts and labour.
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  • All of our heating engineers are fully qualified members of GAS Safe (formally known as Corgi), OFTEC and MCS registered and provide traditional expertise as well as being up to date with modern techniques and materials.

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